Industry Focus

Manufacturing Background:
Our focus is continuous improvement manufacturing.

  • High volume metals manufacturing such as specialty electronics and hand tools, medical and environmental products, bearings, pumps, gears, chains, fasteners, electrical fixtures and power equipment.
  • Large fabrication and equipment such as agricultural machinery, rail cars, barges, emergency and bus transportation, windmill components, automotive and aerospace parts.
  • Plastic Extrusion such as medical devices, automotive, packaging, highly regulated respiratory safety equipment, and playground equipment.
  • Textiles such as high performance materials, fabric, automotive carpet and seating.
  • Construction Materials such as stone and brick manufacturing, moldings, windows, and roofing materials.
  • Mining equipment and mineral granules processing including open pit mining for construction industry.
  • Paper and Printing manufacturing including packaging materials, labels, and corrugation materials.
  • Electrical such as switch-gear boxes, power tools, electrical switches, ceramic conductors, transformers, and power supplies.
  • Filtration such as water filtration systems, air filtration for gas turbines, personal protection equipment.