Rules of Engagement
Posted: 11.7.2016

Preparation is vital. Know the company well, history, leadership profiles, financials if possible, and most of all the culture. Knowing as... Read More

Company Culture - "What's in Your Culture?"
Posted: 06.13.2016

We live in a world of growing change in our businesses - management turnover, economically driven organizational changes, mergers, acquisitions, divisional sell-offs,... Read More

Post Hire Onboarding
Posted: 10.3.2014

Post Hire Process!Most of us call this "new associate onboarding", and most of us have custom tailored onboarding processes - right? So... Read More

Books We Are Reading!
Posted: 07.23.2014

Currently reading "Business Adventures" by John Brooks. This is the 2014 paperback release that includes titles such as: "The Fluctuation"; "The Fate... Read More

Important Quotes
Posted: 04.11.2014

"Never Mistake Activity for Achievement" - John Wooden, UCLA Read More

Numbers Don't Lie
Posted: 03.21.2014

Numbers Don't Lie We live in a world of numbers - values/financials, locations, identification, distance/ time, and weights/measures - the list goes... Read More

Let Me Be Frank
Posted: 03.21.2014

Let Me Be FrankFirst, your career is what you make it; you are in charge of your talent and how you... Read More

Interviewing 101
Posted: 03.21.2014

Interviewing 101:  Preparation is vital and it goes without saying that you should turn up for the interview knowing as much as... Read More

Interview Like You're On a Sales Call
Posted: 03.13.2014

After many years in HR with a focus on recruiting talent there is one thing that keeps repeating itself with even the... Read More

Career Navigation:
Posted: 03.13.2014

I run into many candidates with exceptional abilities, but just do not have that visionary focus on making the right career moves... Read More

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