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Posted: 05.18.2021

I run into many candidates with exceptional abilities, but just do not have that visionary focus on making the right career moves that offer strongest development for themselves. Yes, there are a lot of variables in every situation and one solution does not fit all. People like to stay in one location, like to be around family, do not like harsh climates, and prefer metro accessibility throughout their career. Only a very few of us get this harmony throughout our career.

The very best ingredients for career navigation:

  • Set a target of achievement (depends upon where you are now) such as VPHR medium sized company in six to eight years, Director level of multi facilities in four.
  • Next, make sure your current company can and will "walk the talk" and deliver. If not, make sure you focus on top performing companies that have the ability to put those things in place that allow you to excel in your career - a company of strong talented resources and business deployment directives for market share growth. Interview and research companies and target them accordingly. Believe me, when a recruiter or HR professional reviews your resume, the first thing they look at is career progression with strong companies.
  • Be accountable to your resume; build your resume and it will help build your career.
  • Keep away from niche opportunities. They are usually presented well but will not ad value to your career focus and can result in a dead end, or narrow your future opportunities greatly.

Remember, have a well-planned career focus with concentration on what you want to achieve - and take control to make it happen. Taking a lateral move to make this change, or having to live in an area that is challenging may be the right building blocks to finally get you to the level and location you want. Strength, commitment to career, and focused determination are the ingredients all companies want. Remember, you are special and you should have the determination to use four, six, or eight years to get there. That's what separates you from the rest. You'll definitely be in the driver's seat and can market yourself very strongly and eventually end up in the location and level you want to be in. Career navigation allows you to be the captain and sail the rough seas to that final destination.

Make decisions that fit your mission and destination; the sooner you do that the faster you will excel in your career. That's a promise.

Bob Underwood, CPC - Career Mentor, LCFHRA

Underwood Recruiting, Inc.

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