Post Hire Onboarding

Posted: 10.3.2014

Post Hire Process!

Most of us call this "new associate onboarding", and most of us have custom tailored onboarding processes - right? So much of this involves payroll and benefits registration, badge / ID cards, IT services, keys, security information, announcement - communications format, and introductions to policies, process, and people. Ok, this is all good and done in a few days, right? Additionally, most of this is considered human resources' responsibility and usually takes place on Monday's, our favorite day of the week, right? Following sign-up completion new associates are turned over to their managers - job done.

This is truly where the most critical part begins. I have lost talented people many times due to unplanned onboarding processes, or simply processes that are not followed through with diligence and emphasis on getting them fully engaged and well grounded. It is absolutely disheartening and wasteful to loose an associate after moving through the screening / hiring process, and initial onboarding only to find that they accepted another outside opportunity, or simply went back to their previous position in a few months or within a year - only to find out what went wrong during the exit interview. Oh how we dislike these surprises, right?

A true onboarding process could take up to six months to a year and involve mentoring, progress updates, follow-up, benchmarking processes / training, and very open and honest feedback. Remember, pre-employment reference checks can also give you a heads up regarding development needs. Also, periodic evaluations can be done without compensation adjustments. After all, you are after retention, best employee engagement, faster time to contribute, along with offering the associate good solid understanding of the organization, culture, personality traits, socialization, and reporting structure. Hiring managers and their reports must be involved. If you assume all is going well - it won't.

Bob Underwood 

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