Numbers Don't Lie

Posted: 03.21.2014

Numbers Don't Lie
We live in a world of numbers - values/financials, locations, identification, distance/ time, and weights/measures - the list goes on. Whether a numbers person or not; numbers explicitly help us set goals. They give us definite targets to achieve and help us track progress. And without goals we drift. No dedicated professional career focused individual has a drifting career; it's all goal oriented. And again, it's about the numbers.

How do you measure success? What level of success do you want to achieve? I interviewed a strong engineer recently that apparently is very happy with solving complex problems in his current role. He still had some well-defined goals both personal and professional, and of course, with a bottom line of staying an engineer solving complex problems.

What do you want to be when you grow up - a really good question for all of us? What level of success do I want to achieve and how do I get there? What am I doing now (this year) that will help me track closer to what I want to achieve?

Start now by working to identify your top ten, non-negotiable goals that you want to achieve in five years - personal/spiritual, and business. Revisit this list often and try to narrow it down to five. Next, list what you are doing this year that truly supports this list. Is this a drifting year or a focused year with targeted successes in play? And remember, things happen, events cycle in and out that defray focus constantly. Be aware of those events that derail you and deal with them. Review your goals often. Keep track of progress, measure the energy and effort, and remember to work hard to ignite the passion.

This is exactly what drives your resume - it's about focus, objectives, and achievements. Examples are best exemplified with numbers, numbers that don't lie! They tell the real story. Build a strong resume with numbers if you can.

One more thing - think about what really differentiates you from others? Look hard. Know your "personal brand" well. Remember, we all have special talents. Know yours, Michael Jordan and Bill Gates know theirs.

Bob Underwood, CPC - Career Mentor LCFHRA

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