Let Me Be Frank

Posted: 03.21.2014

Let Me Be Frank

First, your career is what you make it; you are in charge of your talent and how you use it to make your career what you want it to be. Each one of us is different, unique, and has special and unique skills. Think about it; you are different from everybody else - even identical twins are different. Know your talent, use it to the best of your ability - just as Usain Bolt in running, Michael Jordan in basketball, Michael Phelps in swimming, Tiger Woods in golf - the list goes on. I promise you that you have hidden skills you may never know; remember it's your ship and nobody else's - know your talent and use it!

Frank tips when interviewing, or talking to your boss about a project or promotion:

  •  20% of the people get 80% of the results; where do you fit?
  • 70% of what will determine your success is how you sound (your pace, your breathing, your confidence, your posture, and your conciseness) and about 30% is what you actually say
  • You only get out of it what you put into it - miracles in business are few.
  • Look for what separates you from the rest of the pack. Have you established a personal brand?
  • Don't generalize; numbers, statistics, ratios, and concise details are the best indicators of performance. Do not build a watch; you will lose them.
  • Anticipate surprises. Thrill them with your solutions, action plans, results.
  • Make sure you express your goals and articulate your development needs to get there. Know what development you need to reach your career goal.
  • Make negatives positive; never show negativity toward a co-worker or company. Remember, being positive always pulls you out in front of the rest.
  • Put your confidence hat on and wear it. It is important to sound polite, but directive. Leadership is key at any level.
  • Listen aggressively; be totally receptive; ideas will flow while listening.
  • Articulate examples of how you build your people and generate unity - creating an atmosphere of supporting one another.
  • Finally, remember to move out of your comfort zone - you can only grow when you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.

Being Frank again -

Remember, your career is like a roll of toilet paper - the closer you get to the end the faster it goes. Do it right the first time.
Follow your dreams - or you'll spend the rest of your life working for someone who did.
Again, let ME be Frank, and you be yourself. You're the talented one.

Bob Underwood, CPC - Career Mentor LCFHRA
Underwood Recruiting, Inc.

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