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Posted: 08.27.2013

We live in a world of growing connections. Deadlines dictate focused time management and sometimes it simply boils down to being in the right place at the right time. Being connected is becoming more and more important. Opportunities are often missed due to poor presentation either in person or electronically.

Whether it is landing a great opportunity or your next promotion - the key is how you present yourself.I am reminded how important energized posturing is after being involved with some core strengthening exercise programs. Personal posturing, heads up attention, eye contact, ability to be informative and personable are really keys in the success equation. The "fit the part" look is so important. Remember, how you present yourself socially as well as during constructive business meetings and events is key to making solid connections.

Remember that social media is here to stay. How you present yourself electronically is also very important. Social technologies are still in the early phase of business-use adoption, but already businesses are creating employee networks, spurring wider collaboration aimed at business objectives and getting more people ideas involved in the workplace.Executives are looking for ways to extract business value from social technologies - igniting connectivity is a growing business at both business and personal levels. Informal communication married with social tools with core business values is growing; just look at how LinkedIn has developed. I read that 70% of companies use social technologies. Please remember that you are a part of this network of information. Your expertise, background, and connectivity drive visibility and knowledge - and are becoming just as important as a resume. Your ability to use networking is key to exploring opportunities as well as finding talent. As a Human Resource department you must be well positioned; how well connected are you?

This also brings to mind that the executive search industry can be an excellent resource of connectivity and talent management. A good professional recruiter "headhunter" knows connectivity, job boards, and social networking as well as looking into resources you may not have thought of.They also are an excellent source of evaluating talent / screening, selling the company / job opportunity, exploring salary, growth potential, relocation, interest level, and interview preparation on both ends. Many factors can lead to lower risk of hiring, cost reductions, as well as lead time reductions relative to your time to hire metric.

Remember; connectivity equals performance.

Bob Underwood, CPC - Career Mentor, LCFHRA

Underwood Recruiting, Inc.

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